This game was made for the subreddit /r/WebGames's game-jam. The theme was "What if I broke the rules", and I guess I thought a crime game would fit pretty well. Thanks to /u/Marmalade6 for hosting the jam!

(If you can't read the ingame text try zooming you browser window (hold ctrl+scroll))

(You have to refresh the browser to restart the game)

In this game you take the role as a gangleader. You manage your gang by buying tools/guns, firing/hiring gangmembers, completing crime operations of different sorts and controlling the different districts by bribing the cops and supplying local citizen with guns.

But beware, crime is risky and there is a chance your operation will fail, which means you loose whatever you invested. Having control of the city will allow you to do crime with lower risk involved. You can also bring extra guns/tools or gangsters to decrease the risk of an operation.

I actually used the first 3 days of this 7-day gamejam working on another idea, so there are a lot of features that I would've liked to have in the game that didn't make it. And I had no time to test, so forget about balance and beware of bu.. "hidden features"!

Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy wasting 15 minutes+ trying out my game! It was fun to make.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Crime, Management

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